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As several of you are aware my main reason to create Fab Rides and Fab Wines is to try a way to share real experiences I was lucky to live in the Alps and beyond. This pandemic hit hard some local outdoor enterprises and I decided to drive more direct business towards them. In the following weeks I will add resources and links to local wine producers and guides that I believe my Fab Riders can use. For the wine producers the idea is simple. You buy directly from the producers not from me and I will facilitate the process. Wherever you are in Europe (or in the UK) we will find the more convenient way to get proper quality wine to your door.

The price you see is the one you will pay if you buy the wine directly from the producer. We then add the box and transport costs (below) and that’s it. Unfortunately each producer has his own box and logistic prices so bear with me until we scale up and then we will try to make it simpler for you.

Prices are in euros and are including the local VAT as goods are shipped from an European country to a private person. Each item consists of a 6 bottles box. You do check out your order (adding your delivery address) and I will add the boxes and transport costs once I get the order with the shipment details. Prices will vary based on country of destination and number of boxes (below an idea of the transport costs you should expect).

Please do complete the order and do check out. You will just receive an email with the first confirmation of the order.

IMPORTANT: After you check out the order I will validate it and send you the bank account numbers you need to pay to. DO NOT pay my account. I will send you the final bank account transfer details by email after I reviewed your order. The wine producer is selling and shipping the wine. Not me. Do not consider the bank account details sent with the first email.

Here the first products ready to ship. Select the one you prefer and add them to the basket.:

Nebbiolo Inciso Rosé – 72€ per box

Valtellina Superiore Orante – 78€ per box

Valtellina Superiore Rupestre – 96€ per box

Valtellina Superiore Sassella Riserva – 150€ per box

Sforzato di Valtellina Per Giulio – 210€ per box

Protected Box Cost

Cantine Menegola ships the wine on protected polystyrene boxes to grant shock and temperature protection.

The cost of Each Box is 6 euro (they are specific to avoid handling accidents). This will be added to your final order.

Shipping to Italy

  • 12.00 € for 1 box
  • 13.00 € for 2 boxes
  • 13.50 € for 3 boxes
  • 17.00 € for 4 boxes
  • 18.50 € for 5 boxes

United Kingdom, Netherland and Luxembourg

  • 23€ for 1 box
  • 30€ for 2 boxes
  • 48€ for 3 boxes
  • 55€ for 4 boxes

Germany and Austria

  • 18€ for 1 box
  • 22€ for 2 boxes
  • 37€ for 3 boxes
  • 51€ for 4 boxes

Please contact us for any other country in Europe. A standard policy across Europe is that up to 4 boxes of wine are considered as private/personal consumption.

Select your wine, check out and send us the request. We will then complete the offer with all the details and costs for your acceptance.

Please DO NOT PAY YET as we will send you directly the producer bank account details and you will pay the producer NOT us. We aim to support the producer and the producer will directly sell and send the wine to your door. We act as a marketing agency for producer.

PS 1: this page is work in progress and it will improve over time.

PS 2: Please be aware you must not be a reseller, a distributor or an importer. Contact us or the producer if you resell the wine (even if you are a restaurant or a local shop) as this is NOT for you. Fab Wines can support you with this.

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