Valtellina – Few Additional Trails to ride soon

I spent the last few days in Valtellina in Italy with my family. A nice break from cycling and training but my eyes and heart were still looking for nice lines to ride. One evening I went for a walk were some people told me there were nice technical descents and I found several nice lines already ridden. I took few pictures with my phone (not good quality I know… but I hope they can give an idea of what you can find there…)

My first impression is that the lines are nice and well designed but still technical and not completely clean. I will try to ride them in November and will update this post.

These lines are very close to the “Agriturismo Ortesida” (one of them start just above the final “a” of Ortesida in the Google maps frame below… ). The Agriturismo is a nice place where to stay and have local traditional dishes near Morbegno. A place I strongly recommend to all riders.

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