Mountain Biking & Wine Tasting in Winchester

Mountain Biking & Wine Tasting in Winchester.

MTB Wine Tasting at BSixTwelve
MTB Wine Tasting at BSixTwelve

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday how I like it the most… outdoor with friends and tasting my Fab Wines with some stops along the way (see the list below … this time two of them). The weather was glorious and I was lucky enough that Balbina the producer of BSixTwelve was available to host us and present her vineyard.

To enjoy the day I created a nice circular route around Winchester as the Lone Farm vineyard is North-East while I live South West. I called this ride the “Fab Rides Winchester Circular”. There are several variations to be ridden based on the starting point, the endurance of the riders, the technical skillset, the seasonality and the weather. When I ride I tend to consider all the elements I mentioned earlier while playing with all the features and small segments I find on my way to transfer how beautiful is mountain biking… and along this route, there are so many! My kind of mountain biking is not efficient or direct. I like to stop, socialise, discover and play with some features we find along the way.

Fab Rides Winchester Circular

Overall the ride covers Oliver’s Battery, Compton, Shawford, Twyford, Chilcomb, Itchen Abbas, Micheldever Wood, Micheldever, South Wonston, Worthy Down, Harestock, Weeke Down, Colin Copse,  … Soon I will create a page with a version of this route you can ride by yourself or with me.
It is really a beautiful ride but there are still few riding issues. Some of them are:

  • Oliver’s Battery: there is a bridleway mentioned on the Ordnance Survey maps but that doesn’t exist in reality (please read this article) so be aware of this when you plan the route. That bridleway would be perfect to make this ride even better.
  • Chilcomb to Itchen Abbas: you can’t avoid some tarmac after Chilcomb unless you ride on a footpath that is very rarely used but this is not allowed in England!
  • There are several variations to make the ride longer and shorter. Extending the ride to visit The Bush Inn in Ovington is one of them.

The vertical tasting I ran involved 6 wines I usually recommend to pair with food. The wines are (links to my website to each of them):

  1. Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG – Brut – Tanore
  2. Luigi Voghera – Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Basarin – DOC
  3. Luigi Voghera – Barbera d’Alba Superiore – DOC
  4. Luigi Voghera – Langhe Arneis – DOC
  5. Luigi Voghera – Langhe Nebbiolo – DOC
  6. Lone Farm – BSixTwelve 2018 – DOP

As we were riding we didn’t drink much wine and the drinks stops were mainly soft drinks but we all did enjoy the tasting notes.

You can order/buy the BSixTwelve directly from Lone Farm (website here) or you can also get it through me (Fab Wines). One of my favourite places in Winchester sells it. Go there and pay tribute to the red glittery ball! Please visit the Inn The Park and enjoy BSixTwelve there!
For Tanorè e Luigi Voghera  I’m the only importer and distributor in the UK so what are you waiting for! Come and get them at Fab Wines!
Thank you to all the people that came to my tasting and I do apologise to several of you that couldn’t make it for the short notice I gave you.

Please donate to my small fundraising campaign if you can (here the link Every little help. This is my first fundraising mission of the second half! 🥺😊

I plan to do this MTB ride again on Saturday the 17th of July and on October the 2nd 2021. As usual, I will limit the ride to 6 Fab Riders. You need to be a fit endurance rider and willing to enjoy few stops on the way in good company to ride this 60/70km off-road ride. I can confirm the wine tasting session for October while we need few more days to confirm July. More people are welcome to join the wine tasting. Please contact Fab Wines to get your place. I will also confirm if we plan a Nordic Walk and what capability will be required. 

The Fab Ride is free but you must be a “Fab Rider” (see note below) and contribute 15£ to the pub kitty to spend on the day and to book your place.
The Wine tasting will require a contribution of 15£ to taste 6+ wines (50/60 cl per wine). The Nordic Walk a contribution of 5£.

I hope to see you soon outdoor!


And here some details to help you contact us:

Outdoor and Wine Tasting Events Planning and Mountain Biking Lead – Fab Rides and Wines (me)place.

Winchester (Itchen Abbas) Pinot Blanc (white wine) Vineyard – Bsixtwelve @ Lone Farm:

Nordic Walking, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – The Italian Fitness Job (Michela Fiorucci)

Other (pubs, restaurants and vineyards):

  • Luigi Voghera – Fab Piedmont Producer
  • Prosecco Tanore – Fab Super Prosecco Producer
  • Inn the Park – BSixTwelve Distributor and Amazing Place – Abbey Mill, Colebrook Street, Winchester SO23 9LH
  • Half Moon & Spread Eagle – Fab Riders Lunch stop – Lovely Place with plenty of gluten-free food and drinks – Winchester Rd, Micheldever, Winchester SO21 3DG
  • The Plough – First Stop on the day – Main Road, Itchen Abbas, Winchester SO21 1BQ FB 
  • Bugle Inn – We didn’t stop but definitely worh considering for next time – Park Ln, Twyford, Winchester SO21 1QT
  • The Bush Inn – Perfect for a longer extension adding additional amazing segments and trails – Ovington, Alresford SO24 0RE

Fab Rider – Being a Fab rider means I rode with you and I formally assessed you. Members of the New Force as well as WGV are welcomed as far as I rode with you and we agreed your participation. I aim to create riding groups with similar capabilities/“taste” to grant more flow and fun to the participating riders. Here you can book an assessment with me if you didn’t ride with me already. You MUST have a mountain bike in FULL WORKING ORDER and if you come riding with us otherwise you’ll compromise the ride of the group. Here few recommendations.

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