Mountain Biking & Wine Tasting in Winchester

MTB Wine Tasting at BSixTwelve

Mountain Biking & Wine Tasting in Winchester. Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday how I like it the most… outdoor with friends and tasting my Fab Wines with some stops along the way (see the list below … this time two of them). The weather was glorious and I was…

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Winchester Mountain Biking and Cycling Vision 2021

Oliver's Battery Texas Field

Winchester is a beautiful place and it is great for mountain biking and cycling. Mountain bike wise we don’t have the same technical terrain you can find in the Alps or some of the big national parks in the UK. However, it is a perfect location to introduce people to…

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Where do we want to ride next?

Where do we want to ride next? We are doing far too much virtual training and we are all missing the BIG OUTDOORS. It is now clear that for the rest of 2020 we will only organise local rides with some individual one to one safe adventures. Now here a…

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Fab Riders on the Snow

The first group of amazing riders joined our first snow ride… We were challenged by incredible weather conditions (100mm of fresh powder in less than 24 hours), a car with the diesel frozen (-22 Celsius over night) and poor quality snow chains … However the team was inspiring and always…

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Fab Talybont-on-Usk

Sometimes there is something special about a place that you can’t describe … but you you can feel. Well this happened to us when we visited for the first time Talybont-on-Usk this spring and the beautiful rides around that amazing village… I then decided to ride again the Gap in…

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April’s Fool Weather

Hello Fab Riders! Spring is here and the trails are getting better by the day for fab mountain biking adventures …The first quarter of 2018 has been all around planning and local riding… More Fab Riders are joining us. Besides few groups of strong Italian riders are asking to be lead…

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Dolomites Winter Ride

Fab Rides in the Dolomites

Yes the last MTB Ride in the Dolomites for this year. I just came back from a freezing ride in the Dolomites… Minus 15 Celsius… Few hours of nice proper enduro/all mountain trails in the Heart of the Dolomites. I went up to the Carestiato hut with the Dolomites Heart…

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Sangiovese Ride in Progress…

On the third weekend of September 2017 we were again in Marche for the Sangiovese Rides. Few fab riders from the UK enjoying the local rides and wines. We rode in the San Bartolo Natural Reserve area on Friday and Monday with Saturday along the Conca Valley and Sunday on…

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Dolomites and Prosecco Rides

Fab Rides

Few days ago I was riding in the Dolomites with some local friends. I will add soon more information about this amazing ride that we will repeat again next year several times!

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