Dolomites Winter Ride

Yes the last MTB Ride in the Dolomites for this year. I just came back from a freezing ride in the Dolomites… Minus 15 Celsius… Few hours of nice proper enduro/all mountain trails in the Heart of the Dolomites.

I went up to the Carestiato hut with the Dolomites Heart Folks, the local friends we ride often with when we ride in the Dolomites. We were in the Moiazza Mountain. Moiazza is practically part of the Mount Civetta (the Queen of the Dolomites). There is a Pass up there that is used a lot for nice single trail downhill to Agordo.

It took a while to get the hands and the feet used to those freezing temperatures…

last MTB ride in the dolomites

We rode the “direttissima” Carestiato. A nice technical enduro descent that was recently improved by adding few wood bridges. As you can see there was snow but it was fine. We didn’t struggle much and the descent was most rideable apart few icy bits that most of us decided to walk…

I will add few additional pictures here in the following days if I will find the time. Come back and check.


Dolomites MTN Heart

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